Julius Williams


CEO & Chairman | Julius Williams is a 7 year veteran of the NFL and CFL from Decatur, Ga. Like many young men who gravitate towards football and other team sports, Julius started from humble beginnings. Despite these humble beginnings, Julius was able to use football to take his talents to the next level. A 3-year starter at the University of Connecticut, football has taken Julius places he could have only imagined. Since retiring, Julius has made an unbridled commitment to making an impact on at-risk youths through football and mentorship. 



General Manager & Vice Chairman | Anthony Smith is a 6 year veteran of the NFL. Hailing from Youngstown, OH, Anthony has used his talents to become a champion on and off the field. A 4-year starter at Syracuse University, football gave him an opportunity to go places and meet people he could have only imagined. A two time Super Bowl Champion, Anthony has committed to using his love of football and various skill sets to help develop young men through sports and mentorship. 



PR & Marketing Director | Michael Suarez is an 8-year sports marketing executive from Fresno,CA. Specializing in public relations and professional sports marketing, Michael has worked with organizations such as the Atlanta Hawks, the NFL Alumni Association and over 50 MLB, NBA and NFL athletes. Since attending Trinidad University in Pueblo, Colorado Michael has used his talents to bring character building and life skills programs through mentoring and team sports to underserved communities.


Annette Williams

Treasurer  I  Annette Franklin-Williams is a Native of Stone Mountain, Ga. Most recently graduated in 2014 from The Arts Institute of Atlanta-Decatur with BA in Fashion and Retail Management of which she has a passion for fashion and her own businesses in retail. 


Ms. Williams received her Certification of Business Administration from The University of Georgia in 2004 while employed through Goodwill Industries. Ms. Williams worked diligently building partnerships with company and affiliates to serve the community and bridging multilevel investments.


In 1990, Ms. Williams received her CDA in Early Childhood Education from Georgia State University and was employed as a teacher with The Dekalb EOA Headstart from 1990 to 1993.  


Director of Football Operations I Jermaine McElveen is a 7 year veteran on the NFL and CFL. Hailing from Chicago, Il, Jermaine used football to earn a scholarship to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Unlike most top football recruits, Jermaine overcame many academic challenges to eventually get signed as an unrestricted free agent to the Tennessee Titans. A three time Grey Cup champion in the CFL,  Jermaine has dedicated his time during retirement to developing meaningful football programs to some of the most underserved communities.